Is Real Time with Bill Maher canceled?

Bill Maher
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Calls for HBO to cancel Real Time with Bill Maher are nothing new thanks to the host’s sometimes controversial opinions. But with the show off the air for months, what is the status of Real Time with Bill Maher?

Real Time with Bill Maher last aired a new episode on April 28. The guest lineup included X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk, journalist Michael Moynihan, and political commentator Konstantin Kisin. The lack of episodes has been noticeable for a show that typically runs into November.

But no, Real Time with Bill Maher was not canceled. The show remains on hiatus due to the writers’ strike. Like the rest of late-night TV, Bill Maher’s show went dark when the Writers’ Guild of America walked off the job at the beginning of May.

Past strikes saw late-night TV shows return to the air without a writing staff. It’s currently unclear if Real Time or any other shows will attempt to do that again in 2023.

What is Bill Maher doing during Real Time’s hiatus?

The good news is that Real Time with Bill Maher hasn’t been canceled. For fans of the show, there has been a silver lining during the hiatus.

Bill Maher has been anything but quiet over the past few months. His Club Random podcast continues to draw an audience and provide listeners with Maher’s unfiltered take on politics, social issues, entertainment, and more.

The comedian has also been vocal on social media. His recent Facebook review of Barbie caught fire as he dismissed the movie as “preachy” and built entirely on a lie.

So anyone disappointed that Bill Maher hasn’t been on HBO for the past few months can still hear from the comedian weekly, if not more frequently. When he can return to his “day job” as a late-night TV host remains to be seen.