Jimmy Kimmel calls Tucker Carlson’s firing ‘an absolutely delightful shock’

The decision by Fox News to part ways with host Tucker Carlson on Monday rocked the media world. Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel shared his reaction, calling the news “an absolutely delightful shock.”

Fox News framed the story as mutually parting ways with Carlson. However, most believe the longtime host was fired. The news network is coming off the heels of a nearly $800 million settlement with Dominion. On Carlson’s part, he signed off Friday’s show with a message that he’d be back on Monday.

It seemed like everyone had a response either celebrating the end of Carlson’s run on Fox or offering their support for the controversial figure. It certainly wasn’t surprising to see Jimmy Kimmel join other late-night hosts like Jon Stewart in applauding the news.

Kimmel’s monologue on Monday night rounded out with his take on the Tucker Carlson story. The ABC host called the news “a shock” but in the most delightful way.

Jimmy Kimmel enjoys the Tucker Carlson firing

Perhaps it was a case of “saving the best for last,” but Jimmy Kimmel decided to hold off addressing Tucker Carlson’s firing until the end of his monologue on Monday. Undoubtedly, late-night TV fans were eager to hear what he and others had to say about Carlson. After all, the now-former Fox News host spent years as comedians’ punching bag.

Kimmel joked that Carlson couldn’t be reached for comment because he was on his way to Russia to meet with his manager. The host went on to compare the drama between Fox and Carlson to an episode of Succession.

But Carlson didn’t sign off Fox News without offending Kimmel one final time. Kimmel shared a clip of Carlson’s last segment in which he ordered a sausage and pineapple pizza. The toppings didn’t sit well with Kimmel, an amateur chef and pizza aficionado.

In return, Kimmel sent off Carlson with a montage of some of his more odd and absurd soundbites. The late-night host dropped one more insult, calling Carlson “one of the most despicable mother-Tuckers to ever appear on American television.”

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