Real Time: Bill Maher and Piers Morgan debate abortions

Bill Maher (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
Bill Maher (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images) /

During the most recent episode of HBO’s Real Time, the conversation between Bill Maher and returning guest, Piers Morgan centred around access to abortions and the ongoing controversy over the leading abortion drug, Mifepristone.

Bill Maher and Piers Morgan have a professional relationship that goes back many years. The two have engaged in lively debates on various topics before on Maher’s show. While they often disagree politically, they maintain a respectful and friendly rapport. Their ability to engage in constructive dialogue on contentious issues has made for some engaging and thought-provoking conversations that always resonate with viewers.

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Bill Maher and Piers Morgan talk abortion access

As part of their discussion, they touched on the recent suspension of the drug’s approval by a federal judge in Texas, Mathew Kacsmaryk. Nonetheless, a contradictory decision came from a federal court in Washington state that instructed the FDA to avoid any measure that could limit the accessibility of the drug. Maher then pointed out that it is going to go to the Supreme Court.

Bill then emphasized the need for a consistent federal approach to abortion access, rather than leaving the matter to the discretion of individual states.

The two also delved into the political implications of taking a pro or anti-abortion stance, especially concerning the upcoming 2024 presidential election. They pointed out that former President Trump had realized that being anti-abortion could limit the number of voters who would support him. In contrast, Governor DeSantis of Florida has taken an uncompromising anti-abortion stance.

Morgan also just recently interviewed DeSantis on his global primetime programme, Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Drug talk

Piers revealed that the leading abortion drug only had a mortality rate of 5 deaths per million users, in contrast to penicillin’s 20 deaths per million users. He even compared the drug’s safety record with that of Viagra, which has ten times as many deaths. This underscored the senselessness of the ban on the drug since it wasn’t based on any medical concerns.

Overall, the discussion between Maher and Morgan provided insightful perspectives on the contentious issue of abortion and abortion access. They emphasized the need for a consistent federal approach, explored the political implications of being pro or anti-abortion, and highlighted the significance of evidence-based decision-making.

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