Who’s hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, April 8?

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Saturday Night Live is back tonight with another brand-new episode. So who will fans see come through the door and step on stage as tonight’s SNL host?

Last week, it was Quinta Brunson adding her name to the list of hosts talented enough to be cast members. Bruson also made a strong case to be considered the best host of season 48. At the very least, she set the bar pretty high for tonight’s host.

However, tonight’s host possesses all the right ingredients to have a successful night. Former cast member Molly Shannon returns tonight to host Saturday Night Live for the first time. She’ll be joined by musical guest The Jonas Brothers.

Shannon is out promoting her role in the Florence Pugh-led drama A Good Person. It’s a homecoming for Shannon, who spent 1995 to 2001 as an SNL cast member.

What to expect from Molly Shannon as tonight’s Saturday Night Live host

Typically, we use this space to evaluate the odds of the host keeping up with the Saturday Night Live cast. Molly Shannon doesn’t need that treatment; she’s a proven comedy genius with an impressive resume even without the years on SNL.

So the question is how much the current writers will ask Shannon to lean on her glory days versus how much they’ll give us “Molly Shannon on SNL in 2023.” Sure, fans will be eager to see an updated version of Mary Katherine Gallagher or the eccentric Sally O’Malley. There’s a good chance of getting both if not one of those characters tonight.

But Shannon’s ability to play both a subtly weird character and an over-the-top physical role is a reminder that she can do so much more. Hopefully, the writers have a few ideas that maybe weren’t a fit for a less experienced host or one less willing to go all-out in front of a live audience.

The other thing to watch for any time alumni come back to host is a cameo. Past co-stars often come back in support, giving SNL fans a double dose of nostalgia. Ana Gasteyer is a good bet. She partnered with Shannon on the classic “Delicious Dish” sketches, and she currently stars in the NBC comedy American Auto. Put longshot odds on Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan.

Saturday Night Live airs tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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