The best music performances by Jimmy Fallon

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The Tonight Show host recently celebrated St. Patrick’s day by performing with a local New York band at an Irish pub in New York. Jimmy Fallon has done a variety of music impressions and performances throughout his career on Saturday Night Live, Late Night, The Tonight Show, and on his own albums.

Jimmy Fallon appears to have had a real passion for music throughout his career. His show may have arguably the best band in The Roots, he’s been asked to play with artists on his own show, and he has hosted a variety of different musical acts on his show.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 best Jimmy Fallon music performances.

Top 10 Jimmy Fallon music performances

10. Van Morrison impression on St. Patrick’s day

Jimmy Fallon showcased several impressions throughout his time on Saturday Night Live. One impression was performed for a St. Patrick’s day episode where Jimmy Fallon performed as Irish artist Van Morrison. Dressed in all black, with black sunglasses, standing next to a table full of beers, Jimmy Fallon sang the song with nonsensical lyrics yet hit the same cadence as a real Van Morrison song.

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