WATCH: Jimmy Fallon welcomes BTS star Jimin on Tonight Show

BTS star, Jimin is expected to make his first exciting solo debut on The Tonight Show.

Last week, the NBC late-night show confirmed that the South Korean singer would make two appearances on March 23rd and March 24th. On the 23rd, Jimin is expected to sit down with Falon for a one-on-one discussion and will give viewers a live performance the following day.

Jimin’s return to the Tonight Show comes after the announcement of his upcoming solo album, Face. The full album will be released on the same day as his highly anticipated live performance.

Jimin breaks new iTunes record with ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’

BTS fans will be excited to hear of Jimin’s iTunes success in recent days. The singer has broken the record for the fastest song to hit the platform’s charts in 100 countries.

Across social media, Jimin’s solo work is hardly going unnoticed also. Upon the release of his full album, his solo track “Set Me Free Pt.2” has amassed nearly 30 million views on YouTube in just a matter of days.

For those hoping to be one of the first to watch the track being performed live, we’re expecting the K-Pop star to perform on his second appearance.

BTS absence sees K-pop popularity slump

Whilst a number of BTS members have embarked on solo projects, the obligation for the group’s members to partake in the South Korean military service is having its toll on K-pop sales.

Chairman of HYBE, Bang Si-hyuk has argued that BTS’ absence is having a huge impact on the decline of K-Pop’s popularity.

The absence of BTS is the first reason,” he exclaimed during an event in Seoul recently.

“I think it’s very clear that the fact BTS is not active as a team is playing the biggest role in bringing about this change in numbers.”

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