Stephen Colbert slams the royal family, calls them “gangsters”

Stephen Colbert shocked viewers last night after claiming he’s not a big fan of the British Royal Family. Speaking to Sir Patrick Stewart, it seems the late-night star now has a firm view on the firm after his recent conversation with Prince Harry.

Colbert’s latest comments should be no surprise to those regularly tuning in to The Late Show.

When Prince Andrew’s Epstein scandal shocked the world, Stephen labelled the royal family a “group of inbred, gin-soaked jumped-up medieval gangsters that are the product of an inherently racist class system.”

The late-night host would then claim the firm takes its money from “ravaging the world” and “stripping the gold teeth out of pensioners”.

Colbert knows very well his blunt comments are sure to stir up controversy. Back in 2021, a YouGov poll suggested that only 14% of the United States held a “negative view” of the late Queen Elizabeth.

Colbert taps into anti-monarchism

Nevertheless, Colbert is tapping into a growing sense of unease over the necessity and ethical considerations of monarchies in the modern day. A number of ongoing scandals surrounding the ancient institution have made it so easy for popular television personalities to now speak out on its flaws.

Prince Harry, now an unfortunate scapegoat for monarchists across the world due to his desire to leave the firm recently sat down for an engaging discussion with Colbert.

Harry is by far the most transparent royal we’ve seen in this century. The former royal detailed nearly every compelling story from his life behind the red curtains in his recent book, Spare.

Colbert has been outspoken in his support of Harry, a stance not particularly popular amongst UK broadcasting figures. Piers Morgan of TalkTV and formerly CNN has spent years mocking and criticising Harry and Meghan’s move to the United States.

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