Outrage after Late Show audience still required to wear masks

Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert was trending on Twitter this week after a number of viewers pointed out that the entire Late Show audience is continuing to wear masks during tapings.

A large majority of mask mandates across the United States were dropped last year, with members of the public now no longer obligated to cover up in particular places such as aeroplanes and stores.

And despite nearly every other country following suit in eliminating any form of COVID restrictions, it seems Colbert’s production team is still wary of the virus.

Colbert has faced criticism in recent years for what some have described as unnecessary and pretentious perspectives on the pandemic.

Many blasted the Late Show host after the programme aired a musical-style segment on vaccines. Lyrics featured in the parody clip included phrases such as “just pull up that arm”.

New York City, where Colbert tapes his popular late-night show, just recently announced it has ended its vaccine mandates for city workers.

Colbert has deliberately pointed out his masked audience in recent days. The Late Show host told viewers: “I wish you could see the smiles on the faces in my audience. And I wish I could, too. Because they’re still wearing masks”.

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We’re not quite sure why the CBS late-night show has opted to continue its mask requirements. Colbert failed to mention that in his quick acknowledgement of the fact this week.

Other late-night shows including Gutfeld! and Jimmy Kimmel Live have chosen not to mandate the wearing of face masks.

Colbert to produce new show replacing Late Late Show

Colbert will dip his toes once again into a new late-night show project allegedly in the works at CBS.

The channel is expected to air a remake of the former Comedy Central comedy show, @midnight.

Colbert will of course keep his role on The Late Show at least until his contract expires in the summer of this year.

Remember, the popular late-night show is already a producer of Comedy Central’s Hell of a Week, proving himself successful both in front and behind the camera.

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