What to expect from season 10 of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

HBO’s season 10 of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back on February 19th. So what can we expect?

What’s in store?

Season 10 could well be John Oliver’s final season and with this in mind, it’s safe to assume that the show host will be preparing to go all out. It’s no secret that John Oliver is a creative genius, which is a large part of why he has enjoyed so much success over the years. Ultimately, it can be expected that viewers will experience more of the same from the comedian as his formula of success need not be changed.

Apart from typical John Oliver, season 10 could offer a dramatic and potentially even finale-like feel.

In a Twitter post announcing the return for season 10, here’s what Last Week Tonight said: “We’re back…to bravely explore the greatest issues of our time. Like what types of horses are hottest, and why. Not enough people are talking about what types of horses are the hottest, and almost no one is talking about the “why!” Not to worry, we WILL discuss.”

Last Week Tonight over the years

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has provided fans with a unique and satirical monologue every week for the past 9 years. In these 9 years, there have been many highlights, some of which were curated into a masterpiece of a trailer that has certainly produced considerable hype.

Over the years Last Week Tonight has given viewers real coverage of news and world events with a refreshing intertwining of comedy and satire in a manageable 30-minute window and that much won’t change.

Are you excited to see more of John Oliver? How do you think it will differ from previous seasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.