Who’s hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, December 10?

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Saturday Night Live is back tonight with another brand-new episode. So who should fans expect to see take the stage as tonight’s host?

The bar for hosting in season 48 was set at a new level last week. Actress Keke Palmer made a statement in the monologue by announcing her pregnancy. She followed that up with perhaps the best performance of the season, committing to every sketch in which she starred.

Tonight has a pretty good chance of eclipsing that standard, however. Steve Martin and Martin Short will co-host tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Brandi Carlile joins them as the musical guest.

For Martin, it’s the 16th time he’s been tapped as host. Short will get his fourth turn as host, climbing up the leaderboard of former SNL cast members who’ve hosted.

What to expect from Steve Martin and Martin Short on Saturday Night Live tonight

It’s pretty much guaranteed that Steve Martin and Martin Short won’t be asked to co-host an episode of Saturday Night Live after tonight. And with Martin claiming that he’s effectively retired after Only Murders in the Building, one could argue that he won’t host again after tonight.

So with that in mind, expect Martin and Short to pull out all the stops. The duo has years of performing together under their collective belt, so it’s easy to think they’ve handpicked everything that will go on tonight. Every sketch should be tailor-made to their styles and chemistry. Added it up, it’s a formula that should result in the best episode of SNL season 48.

For Martin Short, it could be the perfect time to dust off either of his two famous characters. Ed Grimley or Jiminy Glick wouldn’t be a shock to see tonight. Meanwhile, Steve Martin has an opportunity to reprise his “Holiday Wish” bit that premiered in 1986.

The other big thing to look for with Steve Martin and Martin Short hosting Saturday Night Live? Cameos. Both men have decades’ worth of friendships in the comedy world and you’d have to imagine anyone would jump at the chance to get on the SNL stage with them. Their Only Murders in the Building co-star Selena Gomez stands out as an obvious choice. Other potential guest stars we’re hoping for include Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Larry David, and John Mulaney.

But the real darkhorse cameo candidate would be Chevy Chase. A Three Amigos reunion would bring down the house. But Chase’s contentious relationship with SNL and much of the comedy world in recent years makes it only a pipe dream.

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What do you expect to see from Steve Martin and Martin Short on tonight’s Saturday Night Live? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.