Is Saturday Night Live new tonight, December 10?

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Saturday Night Live (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

We’re inching closer to the holiday season being in full swing. It’s a time of year when Saturday Night Live is often at its best. So what should SNL fans expect to see tonight on NBC?

Last week, Saturday Night Live had arguably its best episode of season 48. Host Keke Palmer started things off with a bang when she announced her pregnancy. From there, Palmer proved to be the season’s most committed host and all but guaranteed an invite back to Studio 8H down the line.

The bar was set pretty high, but there’s a good chance SNL could still clear it on Saturday. There will be a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live tonight.

Comedy icons Steve Martin and Martin Short will co-host. Brandi Carlile joins them as the musical guest.

For Martin, it will be the 16th time he’s hosted the show. The first time came in 1976; most recently, he got the gig in 2009. Martin has also appeared in a handful of cameos along the way.

Martin Short will host for the fourth time. He hosted in 1986, 1996, and 2012. Short was also a cast member in 1984-1985 during season 10.

What to expect from Saturday Night Live tonight

The Georgia runoff election between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock closed the books on the midterm election. Hopefully, Saturday Night Live will do the same and move on. While Kenan Thompson’s take on Walker was entertaining, it ran its course almost immediately. Here’s hoping SNL doesn’t trot the character out again and instead lets it fade away.

Instead, SNL has an opportunity to continue rolling out its holiday sketches. There will still be one more episode after tonight before Christmas, so it’s not the official holiday episode. But the writers typically brainstorm enough material to stretch out over multiple shows. SNL does some of its best work around the holidays, so expectations are always high.

What is a guarantee is that Steve Martin and Martin Short will be on top of their game. The Only Murders in the Building stars have perhaps the best chemistry of any collaborating comedians. Their style is tailor-made for sketch comedy (no surprise given their backgrounds) and it’s likely the only chance they’ll get to do SNL together. Look for Martin and Short to come in and go out with a bang.

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