“I like Bill Maher a lot”: Fox News celebrates Real Time host again

Bill Maher (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)
Bill Maher (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images) /

Speaking this week on Fox News, The Five panel championed Bill Maher’s recent comments on woke education.

The programme shared a small clip where Maher argued there is a “rot” in left-wing academia.

Greg Gutfeld was the first to chime in on the Real Time host’s comments, admitting he “loved” listening to the comments.

“I’m happy he finally listened to us,” the late-night host told the panel.

Fox News in recent times hasn’t shied away from praising the HBO hosts’ recent rebuttals against progressive left-wing ideology. Maher has long criticised so-called wokeism, often arguing against the ever-growing trend of cancel culture.

Another guest panellist on the panel admitted that they liked Bill Maher “a lot”.

Whilst conservative media has taken the time to praise Maher on his evolving political views, Maher continues to remind viewers he’s still a staunch Democrat despite the unsettled political landscape in the United States.

The Club Random host has in the past congratulated the channel’s leading names. Last year, Maher opened a panel discussion, labelling Greg Gutfeld the “new king of late night”.

Fox News’ consistent praise of Maher comes after a long trend of conservative media championing left-wing political commentators branching out of today’s progressive sphere.

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Maher has also openly warmed to the idea of inviting controversial political commentator, Tucker Carlson to his podcast studio for a one-on-one discussion. Negotiations are also ongoing for the HBO star to appear on the conservative channel also. We’ve heard no more on this as of yet.

When first taping his podcast, the host was adamant about inviting a diverse range of guests, from all political sides and career paths. In recent weeks, guests such as Dave Rubin and Kris Jenner have made appearances.

Real Time with Bill Maher goes off the air

Real Time with Bill Maher will now go on a short hiatus after a number of months on the air.

Viewers will still be able to tune in to Bill Maher’s weekly Club Random podcast, offering a far different feel to the usual Real Time set-up.

The podcast continues to make headlines after nearly every new episode with its fiery discussions and bizarre guest choices.

Catch every new episode here.

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