Awkward! Bill Burr calls Bill Maher a “boomer” in uncomfortable & fiesty interview

Bill Burr invited Real Time host, Bill Maher to his podcast this week, discussing all things comedy. Just minutes into the episode, things turned snidey.

Bill Maher and Bill Burr’s awkward age discussion

At the beginning of the podcast, Maher remarked in shock after Burr admitted to going to clubs to see young comedians perform.

Things turned slightly more awkward after Burr told the HBO guest that he’s in another generation.

“I used to watch a lot of guys from your generation,” he said.

Maher was quick to fire back, telling Burr: “What do you mean ‘my generation? I’m twelve years older than you.”

“You’re a boomer man. You’re f****** talking about The Beatles. You’re getting your feathers flushed about what’s her face… Taylor Swift,” Burr responded.

Anyone even slightly familiar with Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast will know that the HBO host is always keen for a verbal scuffle, on anything and everything.

Burr was quick to notice this, calling out Maher for crossing his arms during the discussion.

“Can you uncross your arms for half a second? You’re making me feel like you’re judging me,” he asked.

Bill Maher: “Why do we have to have this adversarial relationship?”

Things didn’t stop there. As the episode progressed, Burr shot back at Maher for first describing Germany as a big country, then referring to the nation as “fairly big”. We know, it’s lunacy.

Maher, visibly frustrated, asked the podcast host, “why do we have to have this adversarial relationship?”, before turning his head to the backstage crew.

Shockingly, the two in somewhat of a tiff, returned to the topic of age, with Burr reminding Bill of their age gap and generational differences. We would explain the specifics, but it’s a drag.

Remember, Bill Maher is consistently criticised online for his supposed out-of-touch political takes, with many blaming him for misunderstanding today’s youth.

Bill Burr has always been somewhat of a gutsy character too during his podcast appearances. Back in 2019, the comedian was blamed for treating fellow comedian, Theo Von like an amateur. Things got even more awkward during their encounter after Burr asked Von when he would be able to promote his special during the taped discussion.

The episode received so much online response, Von was forced to publish a reflection video to cool the air.

Whilst Maher and Burr’s podcast episode was an entertaining watch, it’s unlikely we can see the two being best pals for much longer. It just doesn’t work.

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