Bill Maher talks Halloween, mocks cancelled costumes

On the latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the HBO host got stuck into cancel culture. Specifically, Halloween in Cancel-vania where there is now a supposed forbidden-costume list.

Maher had a message for those offended by Halloween costumes, “Just stay the f*** home!”

“Halloween is supposed to be outrageous, it’s a festival of the sacrilegious,” the host went on to explain.

Forbidden Costumes

Bill, who was obviously frustrated at the new cancel culture trend said: “Every year there’s a new list of offensive things we shouldn’t do on the day that’s all about being offensive.”

“Buzzfeed, more like Buzzkill,” Bill remarked as he pointed out that at the top of the ‘no-no’ list this year is Jeffery Dahmer.

Jeffery Dahmer has become all the craze this year due to the immense popularity of the newly released Netflix series about his life.

Trying to point out the obsurd nature of costume banning, Maher then showed a tweet from Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

“Who died and made you the great pumpkin?” He responded.

The List…

The popular talk show host continued the episode by listing off, in disbelief, other cancelled costumes. The list ranges from Queen Elizabeth II – (because it’s too soon) all the way to Elvis Presley and Skeletons – because you can’t dress as someone with an eating disorder.

“For F***s sake, it’s Halloween!,” Maher exclaimed.

Bill Maher’s Halloween costume 2022

Towards the end of the segment, the host revealed what he would be dressing up as on Halloween this year.

Bill Maher is going as “an uber-woke, overly anxious, perpetually offended, 20-something [year old].”

If you too would like to dress the same as Maher on Halloween then you will need…

“A ‘f*** the patriarchy’ t-shirt, a check from the patriarchy (to pay your car insurance), a nose ring, a vape pen, a cloth surgical mask, surgical mask, N-95 mask, a face shield and then if you want to leave the house, you will also need Klonopin (to take the edge off), Adderall (to put it back on), a participation trophy, cat-ear headphones (to listen to sad music), a stick (that goes up your a**), a leash (for your support animal) and a wet blanket…”

The host used this extensive list, full of humour, to perfectly mock cancel culture and those who are offended by “fun” on Halloween.

Should there be limits on what people can and can’t dress up as on Halloween? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.