Stephen Colbert brutally mocks Kanye’s Yeezy brand

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, touched on Kanye’s recent anti-semitic behaviour which has led to brand deals with large companies such as Adidas and Balenciaga being revoked.

No more Yeezy

Colbert joked last night, “If you want something as fashionable as Yeezys, you’ll have to microwave a Croc!” And many seem to agree. One viewer commented on YouTube, “Nailed (the absurdity of) it.” On Twitter, another commented: “Lol. That’s EXACTLY what his boots look like.”

The host was content to tell viewers that Ye was dropped from his Adidas partnership. “It’s about damn time Adidas did something!” he said. Stephen later stated that Kanye is his own worst enemy.

Colbert then showed a clip of Ye on October 15th where the rapper said: “I can say anti-semitic things and Adidas can’t drop me, now what.”

The Late Show host replied, “Now they dropped you,” in a delighted yet mocking tone.

Kanye’s recent controversy has led many people and companies to disassociate from him. Colbert grinningly pointed out that not only Adidas dropped Ye, but also Balenciaga, CAA talent agency and Vogue have all publicly cut ties with the influencer. Without a doubt, in the upcoming days more and more brands will follow suit.

The rapper was just recently escorted out of the Sketchers office after turning up unannounced, reports reveal today. We can only guess it’s Ye’s latest public stunt.

Kanye (Ye) makes the media rounds

Despite finding himself at the heart of controversy, Ye has been keen to make a number of media appearances in recent weeks.

Speaking to Piers Morgan, the rapper made headlines after storming out of the interview, also branding the British host a “Karen”.

Ye also sat down with Lex Friedman, an interview which would quickly transform into a fiery discussion. West was pressed on recent allegations of antisemitism which he confidently refuses to accept as truth.

After the interview, Friedman told viewers he felt the exchange was “difficult but important”.

To finish up the show, Stephen Colbert took his final shot at Kanye by mentioning Pete Davidson and his “10-inch shoe.” Ye previously made his hate for Pete evidently public on Twitter whilst the comedian was in a relationship with Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ex-wife. Just the mention of Pete Davidson is enough to sting Kanye.

When will Kanye realise his mistakes and will we ever get an apology for his actions? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.