Viewers blast late night shows for failing to mock Joe Biden

Viewers have recently accused late night of failing to criticise Joe Biden for his frequent mishaps and public embarrassments.

Looking back to when Trump was in office, the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon and so many other popular hosts were keen point on placing the former President in the hot seat. Now, it seems there are few and far between willing to point out the mistakes and gaffes of the current leader.

Mockery of Biden comes in the form of silence

A recent tweet from RNC Research, then reposted by Tim Young shows just one of Biden’s recent blunders.

In response to this tweet, one user acknowledged: “If Trump did it, the late-night shows and SNL would have had a field day. Biden has gaffes every day. It is unbelievable.”

Another user posted a resurfaced clip of Johnny Carson, suggesting today’s late night hosts stray away from mocking the current president.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Trump’s term saw a striking difference in host coverage. And, whilst several hosts have been outspoken in their own democrat-favouring political beliefs, the comparison is striking. In the four-year term of Donald Trump, late night television was the breeding ground for his humiliation. From his golden locks to his Twitter addiction and political policies – nothing was left untouched.

Now with Joe Biden in power, it appears that only hosts with a clear-cut right-wing agenda are willing to actively poke fun at Biden. Other talk show hosts who typically remain neutral or lean left politically are no longer making Joe Biden the butt of every joke, the same way they consistently did with Trump.

The late-night talk show scene has become ever more politically split. Is this the way that viewers want the realm of late night to go? Is there such a thing as too much politics on late night shows?

With Greg Gutfeld now climbing the ranks as a popular US host, the late-night scene has evolved into something far more politically thrilling. Ever think the television category could get any more decisive? It seems the race is on.

Many viewers want balance, so it’s easy to see why some are upset and irritated by Biden’s lack of humiliation whilst other political figures take on fierce scrutiny.

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