Bill Maher loses his cool with Neil deGrasse Tyson talking COVID-19

Bill Maher (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
Bill Maher (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images) /

On a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on the 14th of October, Neil deGrasse Tyson started the Covid discussion by mentioning that Maher had caught Covid whilst Neil himself has not.

Maher appeared to become instantly irritated by Tyson’s comment and quickly tried to counter, explaining his circumstances in what felt like an angry and agitated response. Maher said, “First of all, you know nothing about what I did.” And quickly added, “everybody f***ing caught Covid, you probably did too and you didn’t even know it…”

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The defensive moment from Maher soon spilt into him bashing the Covid experts and their advice. Maher claimed that he took no precautions, before getting Covid and then three weeks after receiving the vaccine ended up catching Covid-19.

“Medicine is almost as crazy to try and figure out as the universe.”

Bill went on to say this as a way to allude to his point that the experts don’t really know themselves. He then later responded to Neil, saying “But really, you’re going to just sit there in your white coat and tell me we have all the answers. We know everything. Just do what we say. I don’t think so.”

Bill Maher’s stance on Covid, medical opinion, and Covid mandates are certainly controversial, which he did not appear so keen to keep discussing after guest Neil deGrasse Tyson held his ground.

The segment soon found itself cooling down as the pair agreed on the point made by the astrophysicist, admitting that “…on a moving frontier, there will be things that are wrong.”

Whilst it seemed that Maher and deGrasse Tyson disagreed on the topic, it appears that Twitter users had a differing opinion. One user tweeted: “Neil deGrasse Tyson made a complete fool of himself talking about Covid-19 on Real Time with Bill Maher…It was embarrassing.”

Whereas another user said, “Neil deGrasse Tyson schooling Bill Maher on Covid is what I needed – #realtime”

Will there ever be an agreed-upon “correct” way as how to handle Covid-19?

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