Who won Jeopardy! tonight, September 15?

"Jeopardy!" set (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)
"Jeopardy!" set (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images) /

Jeopardy! continued its first week of shows for the new season on Thursday night. Did we get a new Jeopardy! champion?

After what felt like a very long month of repeats, Jeopardy! finally returned on September 12 to kick off season 39. So far, it’s been an entertaining week of shows.

Who is the current Jeopardy! champion?

Luigi de Guzman, an attorney from Arlington, Virginia, entered Thursday night’s game as the current Jeopardy! champion. A holdover from last season, de Guzman hasn’t shown any rust on the way to winning $115,200.

Tonight, he faced off against Gilad Avrahami, a recent college graduate from New York, New York, and Annabel Osburn, a contract manager from Austin, Texas.

It was a tighter game than de Guzman has been used to after the “Jeopardy!” round. Osburn led with $5,200. The champion sat in second with $4,600, followed by Avrahami with $3,200.

In “Double Jeopardy!,” de Guzman flipped the game on its head on his way to banking $32,500. Osburn dropped to a distant second with $12,400 while Avrahami remained in third with $6,400.

That big lead benefited de Guzman as he and his two competitors all failed to come up with the correct response in “Final Jeopardy!”. In the end, de Guzman won again and brought his total earnings to $140,700.

What was tonight’s Final Jeopardy! clue?

Tonight’s “Final Jeopardy!” was definitely a tricky one. It’s not all that surprising that it stumped the three players. Here’s the clue in the category “U.S. Colleges & Universities”:

Founded as a technical institute in 1900, its sports teams are the Tartans & its official mascot is a Scottish terrier

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin) /

Answer: What is Carnegie Mellon University?

Gilad Avrahami wrote down “Glasgow,” Annabel Osburn guessed “Notre Dame,” and Luigi de Guzman came up with “NJIT” as his response.

Who won Jeopardy! tonight?

To recap, here’s how Jeopardy! finished for Thursday, September 15:

1. Luigi de Guzman: $25,500
2. Annabel Osburn: $9,800
3. Gilad Avrahami: $400

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