New report: NBC considering cancelling late night prime time schedule

Reports are suggesting this week that NBC are considering making major changes to their late night programming.

It has been alleged that the network may grant it’s 10pm timeslot to local stations in what may appear to be a gradual shift to implement more streaming options.

The Daily Mail is reporting that this possible move by NBC could have major implications for Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show. If the network does go ahead with the programming revamp, it’s likely Fallon’s show could be moved to an earlier time slot to better compete against Kimmel and Colbert.

Colbert consistently averages more viewers than any other late night host on television, only occasionally challenged by Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld.

If NBC does decide to give the go ahead with a revised late night schedule, The Tonight Show will be placed in an uncomfortable position to reinvest itself to remain a distinctive addition to late night.

Jimmy Fallon is still expected to see another two seasons hosting The Tonight Show after his contract was extended in 2021.

Jimmy Fallon announces upcoming interview with Ukraine president

This news comes after Fallon revealed an exciting upcoming television interview with Ukrainian President,  Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In a tweet, the host wrote: “Had the privilege of speaking with @ZelenskyyUa
about the ongoing war in Ukraine. I want the people of Ukraine to know that we see them we hear them and are here to help. I encourage us all to stay engaged and continue to support the people of Ukraine in anyway we can.”

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