Steven Crowder invites Bill Maher to debate after releasing “expose” video

Real Time with Bill Maher (Photo by Mike Coppola/VF17/Getty Images for VF)
Real Time with Bill Maher (Photo by Mike Coppola/VF17/Getty Images for VF) /

Conservative podcaster, Steven Crowder dedicated an episode of his show last week to Real Times’ Bill Maher. Crowder responded to Maher after the comedian mocked him on his HBO show.

During the most recent Real Time episode, Maher took a jab at Crowder after news had recently broken over Trump’s FBI raid.

The host told his audience, “All across the right-wing media, it’s war. They’re literally using this word war. There’s a right-wing podcaster – I think his name is Steven Crowder – he said, ‘Sleep well, tomorrow is war’. And then tomorrow came and there was no war.”

“Unless by war he means more podcasting.”

It didn’t take long for Steven Crowder to respond to the comments made, releasing a long-form YouTube video in an attempt to “expose” the HBO comedian.

He said: “They [the left] want you to be afraid to use the word ‘war'”. The podcast host went on to explain his use of the word ‘war’ as an analogy for political opposition. Crowder then cited several scenarios in which the word is used casually when discussing non-violent topics.

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Steven Crowder invites Bill Maher onto show

The conservative pundit continued, speaking on claims that Maher was “moving to the right”.

He said: “This little p**** just goes where the money is. His takes aren’t even necessarily edgy.” Crowder also revealed that he was skeptical of how “genuine” Maher’s political image has become.

The podcaster did, however, open up the possibility for the HBO star to feature as a guest: “I’d love to have him on. Bill, I know you’re watching, to talk about it”.

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to suggest Maher could in fact take up such an offer. Just recently, Bill Maher revealed he was in negotiations with Fox News to appear on the channel, despite having slated the network numerous times.