The Daily Show counts up Trump’s excuses for keeping top secret documents

Over the weekend, the public learned more about what the FBI took from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Boxes of classified and top secret documents were removed, leaving Trump with a lot of explaining to do. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah tried to make sense of Trump’s excuses on Monday night.

According to unsealed documents related to the search warrant, documents taken from Trump’s possession included files marked “Top Secret/SCI.” That designation means the information is typically only viewed in highly secure locations by a select number of people.

Team Trump has offered multiple explanations for why the documents left the White House and ended up at Mar-a-Lago. The narrative has changed as new details emerged with Trump and his allies trying to dismiss the story altogether or paint the former president as a victim.

Trevor Noah and The Daily Show aren’t buying any of the excuses. And when the story revealed that some of the Mar-a-Lago documents related to nuclear weapons, Noah couldn’t quite believe it.

The Daily Show rips Trump’s attempts to avoid accountability

Trevor Noah takes a closer look at how the talking points from Trump and his allies quickly changed. According to the Daily Show host, the goal has been to “invent new excuses for why this crime wasn’t a crime.”

Noah reminds his audience that the first excuses argued that there were no important documents at Mar-a-Lago. But the story shifted when Trump World got a new “shipment” of excuses. A statement on behalf of Trump suggested that “everyone takes work home with them.” But Noah isn’t buying the idea that Trump was that dedicated to his job as president. Plus, Noah points out that Trump didn’t have the job anymore.

Next up, Trump pointed the finger at former President Barack Obama. He shared the false claim that Obama took over 30 million documents from the White House. But the National Archives debunked that conspiracy.

If you thought that was it for excuses, Trevor Noah had more for you. In response to Trump declaring he declassified the documents through a standing order, Noah reveals that (conveniently) no one had heard of this rule until it became a problem.

Then there was the excuse that Trump packed up the White House quickly because of how chaotic his final days became. Noah calls it “the greatest excuse of all time,” and it makes for a fitting end to the Daily Show segment.

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