Stephen Colbert backs Jon Stewart against Ted Cruz, GOP over vets bill

Stephen Colbert’s monologue last night confirmed the Late Show host’s support for Jon Stewart and his fight for the PACT Act. It came just days after Republicans blocked a bill aimed at providing more health benefits and assistance to veterans.

The so-called “burn pit bill” would increase treatment coverage for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals while serving the country. A version of the bill was previously passed, but an administrative error required another round of voting.

In that new round of voting, 25 Republican senators flipped their votes. Among them was Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Jon Stewart didn’t hold back in attacking Cruz, especially after the senator was seen dishing out fist bumps following the vote.

Unsurprisingly, Stephen Colbert backed his longtime friend and former Daily Show boss. The Late Show host had some equally harsh commentary for Cruz and Senate Republicans.

Stephen Colbert joins Jon Stewart in calling out the GOP

Stephen Colbert echoed Jon Stewart‘s sentiments when it came to the senate failing to pass the PACT Act. Helping veterans seems like a no-brainer considering the sacrifice. Colbert argued that “if we’re going to go to war, we have to take care of the warriors.”

In response to certain Republicans flipping their votes, Colbert offered to flip something in their direction. The gesture matched the passionate, profanity-laden speech Stewart delivered outside of Congress when the PACT Act didn’t pass.

Colbert further went in on the GOP when discussing a theory as to why republicans would flip on the bill. According to some reports, it may have been retaliation for Senators Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer negotiating a climate bill. The Late Show host called it misdirected anger akin to a losing quarterback punching out the hot dog vendor in retaliation.

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