Daily Show’s Trevor Noah takes hilarious jabs at “wild” Mike Pence

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah took aim at former vice president, Mike Pence this week. In the hosts’ latest monologue, Noah reacted to news that Pence was forced to wait in line for a seat at an Olive Garden restaurant.

“Mike Pence says that he’s being treated differently now that he’s no longer vice president. He had to recently wait 25 minutes for a table at Olive Garden,” the host told viewers.

“Which sucks, yes. But on the upside, Trump supporters aren’t trying to kill him anymore.”

Mike Pence was the subject of many violent threats the day hundreds of MAGA fanatics stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy. Chants were heard for the former vice president to be hung during the demonstration.

Noah continued, “Like, I think it’s dangerous to eat at an Olive Garden when you look so much like a breadstick.”

Trevor Noah goes after Instagram

Mike Pence wasn’t the only topic in Noah’s firing line last night. The Comedy Central host also touched on recent debates over the evolution of the Instagram app.

The host said this week, “Everything is an ad, and your feed is full of people you don’t follow.”

“Which is so confusing, I’m scrolling, and I start reading someone’s post and I’m like, ‘Do I know this person? Was I supposed to be at this wedding?’ And then you look and it’s like, ‘Because you follow your friend, we thought you might like a post from a stranger.’ No, I don’t!”

Reports are now suggesting Instagram is showing no signs of halting it’s new platform initiatives. Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg admitted the app’s recommendation posts will continue to play a major role in the development of the social media platform.

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