Stephen Colbert taunts Josh Hawley in hilarious January 6th monologue

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Speaking on the ongoing January 6th hearings last night, Stephen Colbert took aim at Josh Hawley on The Late Show.

Footage shown during the hearings revealed video footage of the Senator running in fear from insurrectionists on the day. This, alongside his irrefutable support for the MAGA protesters walking up to the Capitol building just hours before has aided the spectacle of laughter which now surrounds his name.

Colbert was quick to make comment on this news piece last night, saying: “The man who famously raised a fist in solidarity with the mob before entering Congress that day. Turns out, once the mob broke into the building, he wasn’t quite so enthusiastic to stand with them.”

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Stephen Colbert then showed footage of the Senator quickly pacing through the Capitol’s corridors, later adding cartoon style sound effects to Hawley’s mission to exit the building.

When the now viral video was played during the committee, even attendees were caught laughing at the mere stupidity of the two events.

Twitter, in all it’s glory, ran with the hilarious moment last night, tweeting parody clips and witty one liners after the hearing aired. One user wrote, “The Missouri Dems should host an annual Josh Hawley 5K as a fundraiser.”

Another joined in: “From now on, if political reporters ask Josh Hawley if he’s planning to run, he’s going to have to ask them to clarify.”

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Josh Hawley is a “b****”, says former DC police officer

Politico journalist, JC Whittington also tweeted a video of a former Washington DC police officer calling the Senator a “b****”.

“The fist pump, combined with what he did in the immediate aftermath just shows the true character, or lack thereof,” he continued. The officer would then label Hawley as a “clown”.