Ben Shapiro really likes Bill Maher but calls Colbert, Kimmel “highly irritating”

Ben Shapiro (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
Ben Shapiro (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images) /

Conservative commentator, Ben Shapiro gave his honest thoughts on television’s late night line-up in a recent episode of his show. Whilst Shapiro unsurprisingly took issue with hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, the Daily Wire executive admitted he really likes Bill Maher.

In a segment, Shapiro was given a number of big political names in which he describes as on “the left”, and ranked them best to worst.

Bill Maher was the first name the host chose to pick out, giving the HBO star an “A” rating.

Shapiro told viewers: “Bill Maher is a super nice guy. I really like Bill on a personal level. Also, he’s honest enough to acknowledge when the left is just being crazy.”

The host first met Maher publicly on Real Time back in 2018, where the two engaged in a heated political debate. And just a few months ago, Maher agreed to join Shapiro on the commentator’s Sunday Special long-form interview show for a more casual discussion, engaging in far less of a political squabble.

Maher has made it abundantly clear a number of times he and Ben are clearly ideologically opposite on the majority of issues, however it seems the two have a good enough rapport.

Shapiro blasts Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel & Colbert

Whilst Shapiro was incredibly generous in his commentary of Maher, the host was quick to take a slightly different approach when giving his opinion on a number of other late night stars.

“Jimmy Kimmel, the woke pope of late night, who gave up all comedic possibility by becoming a political commentator,” Shapiro exclaimed.

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The host later went after Colbert, notably one of the most popular late night hosts in the US. He told told viewers he believes Colbert is “masquerading” as a comedian. Ouch.

The Daily Wire host continued his rant, calling the three “highly irritating”.

Again, Shapiro’s judgement on the current line-up of late night hosts should come as no surprise. Nearly all of late night’s hosts have been openly critical of Republican talking points in recent years. Therefore, it seems Maher’s leniency in providing a more balanced view of American politics has helped him gain a gold star in Shapiro’s eyes.