Stephen Colbert hilariously reacts to Proud Boys mentioning him

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for 2019 Montclair Film Festival )
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for 2019 Montclair Film Festival ) /

It seems Stephen Colbert has ruffled some feathers with violent far-right group, The Proud Boys.

A lawyer representing the political group labelled Colbert amongst a number of other media figures and outlets as “negative press and media coverage”, calling for the trial of Joseph Biggs, the group’s founder, to be held outside of Washington D.C.

Biggs is facing trial due to his apparent role in the Capitol Hill insurrection on January 6th of 2021.

Upon hearing the news, Colbert was quick to make a statement on CBS’s Late Show this week. The host told viewers, “I do a lot of jokes about these violent fascists, but to hear that even one of them noticed, I feel so seen.”

“You hate me. You really hate me.”

Colbert touched on the reasoning of the lawyer’s statement on the show in further detail, saying, “They want to move the trial to some place where The Proud Boys have a better reputation”.

“Like 1930s Berlin,” the host joked.

Stephen Colbert has made a number of public statements on his late night show recently regarding the ongoing January 6th hearings.

Last week the host reminded viewers of Fox News’s supposed strategic decision during the trial to sustain viewership: “It [the trial] was such a juicy burger that even Fox News knew that their viewers would be tempted to take a bite,” Colbert said.

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The conservative news channel aired no commercial breaks in an apparent attempt to stop viewers switching to other available news networks to watch the trial.

“Do you understand what that means? Fox News is willing to lose money to keep their viewers from flipping over and accidentally learning information. But I am really not surprised. That’s the first rule of any cult: never leave the compound.”

Colbert never misses the mark, does he.