Who won Jeopardy! tonight, May 31?

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin)
Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin) /

Jeopardy! returned to the air on Tuesday night with another brand new episode. Did the month of May close out with a new champion?

After champions struggled to get much momentum going in the early part of May, that trend seems to have changed. Could we already have the next Mattea Roach on our hands?

Who is the current Jeopardy! champion?

Ryan Long, a rideshare driver from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the current Jeopardy! champion. He entered tonight’s game on a 12-day winning streak. During that run, he’s banked $226,300.

Tuesday’s competitors included Kenny Liew, a software engineer originally from Los Angeles, California, and Carissa Faroughi, an architect from Falls Church, Virginia.

Long jumped out to an early lead in the “Jeopardy!” round. He correctly answered 15 out of 16 questions on the way to earning $9,600. Liew sat in second with$1,600, followed by Faroughi with -$600.

It was more of the same in “Double Jeopardy!” as Long dominated the buzzer. He finished the round with $28,400. Liew remained a distant second with $6,800 and Faroughi was in third with $4,200.

“Final Jeopardy!” was a formality. Only Liew answered correctly, with Long losing $2,000 with his incorrect response. Still, he won his 13th game and remains the Jeopardy! champion.

What was tonight’s Final Jeopardy! clue?

Stumping two out of three players, tonight’s “Final Jeopardy!” clue was tricky. Here it is in the category “Novel Quotes”:

Referring to the book’s title, this character says, “I know it’s a poem by Robert Burns”

Mayim Bialik (ABC/Casey Durkin) /

Answer: Who is Holden Caufield?

The correct reponse was the protagonist of the novel The Catcher in the Rye. Ryan Long jokingly responded with “Ted Cruz.” Carissa Faroughi wrote down “Who is Emma?” as her response. Kenny Liew did managed to come with with the correct response.

Who won Jeopardy! tonight, May 31?

To recap, here’s how Jeopardy! finished for Tuesday, May 31, 2022:

1. Ryan Long: $26,400
2. Kenny Liew: $8,401
3. Carissa Faroughi: $100

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