Jimmy Kimmel hilariously mocks North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Easterseals)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Easterseals) /

Jimmy Kimmel ended his last monologue of the week on Friday, speaking on North Korea’s first reported case of COVID-19. With now over two years since the first case of the Coronavirus in Wuhan, it’s no surprise to see Kimmel mocking North Korea’s sudden move to report virus deaths.

Much analysis speculates that it is likely the Republic of North Korea suffered the worst of the pandemic within the same time span as the rest of the globe, with the authoritarian state choosing to keep quiet.

According to The Guardian, North Korea’s death toll stands at approximately 27, with hundreds of thousands still in quarantine. It is suggested that the large majority, if none of the dictatorship’s population has had access to a vaccine due to the nation’s substandard healthcare.

Speaking on the outbreak, Kim Jong-un declared North Koreas as in a state of “great turmoil” after new deaths were reported yesterday.

The ABC host told viewers this week: “Of course the truth is, there have probably been many cases of COVID in North Korea, the country just hasn’t acknowledged them in the fear of angering their leader’s mighty scrotum”.

The host earlier joked in the monologue that Dennis Rodman was leading the medical strategy to eliminate COVID-19 within the country.

Kimmel continued on Friday night, “So if you live in North Korea, just keep doing what you’ve been doing for the last forty years. Stay at home and maybe dig a hole”.

Jimmy Kimmel uses North Korea propaganda footage in parody video

Earlier this year, Kimmel mocked dictator, Kim Jong-un in a parody video, using the state’s propaganda footage as material for a devised erectile dysfunction advertisement.

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