Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Jan. 6 texts

Seth Meyers (Photo by 2022 Writers Guild Awards/Getty Images for Writers Guild)
Seth Meyers (Photo by 2022 Writers Guild Awards/Getty Images for Writers Guild) /

Once again, Late Night with Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the roles key Republicans played in the January 6 insurrection. This time, Seth Meyers took a deep dive into texts from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and more.

Like other late-night TV hosts, Meyers quickly assigned blame for January 6 to former President Donald Trump, his allies in Congress, and the Republican Party as a whole. Meyers’ commentary on the insurrection made it clear who he thought should be held accountable.

As more evidence from the days and months prior to January 6 came out, Meyers strengthened his case against key members of the GOP such as Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene. The two lawmakers have done little to clear their names in the eyes of Meyers.

Thursday night’s “A Closer Look” went through even more evidence as Meyers discussed texts from Greene and McCarthy. The Late Night host went on to spotlight comments from former Vice President Mike Pence that one investigator called “chilling.”

Seth Meyers breaks down the ‘nefarious’ Jan. 6 plot in A Closer Look

Before turning his attention to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Seth Meyers started “A Closer Look” covering a “chilling” revelation from the January 6 investigation. Meyers reacts to reports that Vice President Pence refused to get in a car with Secret Service members he suspected were reporting to President Trump.

For Meyers, this is proof of how “nefarious” the January 6 plot was, if the vice president couldn’t trust his security or anyone working on behalf of the president. He uses the Pence anecdote as a jumping-off point to show how almost everyone in Trump’s orbit played a role in trying to overturn the election.

That brings “A Closer Look” to Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of late-night TV’s favorite targets. The segment covers texts Greene allegedly sent to Kevin McCarthy indicating that GOP lawmakers discussed the possibility of Trump declaring martial law.

Greene’s efforts to defend herself only confused Meyers. The Georgia lawmaker argued that she couldn’t confirm the text was hers, but if it was, then there was nothing wrong with it. Greene may not recall sending the text, but she knows that they are innocent messages.

Meyers is more than happy to see more evidence about January 6 see the light of day. He and the “A Closer Look” writers also have to be happy to see Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Green try to defend themselves.

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