Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at Republicans still embracing Donald Trump

Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC)
Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC) /

Despite losing the 2020 election and falsely claiming fraud cost him a second term, Donald Trump remains the center of the Republican Party. Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at why the GOP continues to embrace Trump even after more damning evidence emerges about the January 6 insurrection.

Late Night with Seth Meyers has long been critical of Republicans and the conservative movement, even outside of the Trump presidency. Countless segments of “A Closer Look” have featured Meyers calling the GOP morally bankrupt and without any real policies.

Any hope that things would change once Donald Trump left the White House has been dashed. Some Republicans in Congress continue to support Trump or parrot his claims about the election. Meanwhile, GOPers running for office remain desperate for Trump’s endorsement.

For Seth Meyers, this trend becomes harder to understand the more we learn about the events leading up to and immediately following the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Monday night’s “A Closer Look” examined how the GOP still revolves around Donald Trump.

In A Closer Look, Seth Meyers rips Ivanka Trump, David Perdue, and J.D. Vance

Seth Meyers began “A Closer Look” by recapping a report on thousands of texts among Team Trump between the 2020 election and the January 6 insurrection. Meyers specifically focuses on texts from Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter and adviser.

Meyers compares Ivanka to a Peleton instructor in the way she called Trump’s inner circle “warriors” for their efforts to overturn the election. Even more confusing to Meyers is why Team Trump tried to plan a coup using a group chat.

That attempted coup is more than enough evidence for Meyers to argue Donald Trump won’t change. Yet Republicans still think “the path to power in their party requires fully embracing Donald Trump and his lies about the 2020 election,” according to “A Closer Look.”

The Late Night host points to Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue and Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance. Meyers highlights Perdue’s willingness to repeat baseless claims about election fraud as well as how Vance backed off his criticism of Trump to get his endorsement.

Meyers wraps up the segment by arguing that the GOP is being held captive by a cult led by Donald Trump. For the late-night host, the problem is that no republicans seemed bothered by it at all.

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