Seth Meyers tells fans when Trump coverage on late night TV will end

Seth Meyers appeared at an awards event for Deadline this week, answering on the future of late night television coverage of Donald Trump.

“If he stopped talking about himself that would be a huge step forward,” Meyers admitted on the panel show. The host added: “I think once they [Republican party] cleave themselves from him we will happily move on as well.”

Meyers has often used his late night television show to take issue with Trump since his rise to politics in 2015. The NBC host often never holds back in his opinion monologues mentioning the Former President. In 2016, he told Trump on Late Night: “You’re a blowhard with a seventh-grade vocabulary who became a celebrity billionaire with a supermodel wife. Life isn’t unfair to you, it’s unfair for you.”

Donald Trump, during his presidency, was hardly a shy critic of Meyers either. During a rally in 2020, he told supporters, “The guy’s got no talent whatsoever.”

Whilst viewers of Meyer’s late night show continue to tune in, a number of tweets this week have told the late night host to find new material.

Despite this, Meyer’s ongoing rift with Trump is for sure an entertaining watch.

Seth Meyers compares his new book to Jimmy Fallon’s

Also this week, Meyers used a small segment on his show to discuss his latest book, I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared.

The host spoke on how Jimmy Fallon’s release found itself higher on the New York Times bestsellers list than his own. Meyers then jokingly told the camera, “Why not buy both?”.

Fallon’s book, Nana Loves You More was released just a few days after Meyer’s release. We can already smell the competition!

Both releases by the late night hosts are children’s books aimed at ages three and above.

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