Who won Jeopardy! tonight, March 11?

"Jeopardy!" set (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)
"Jeopardy!" set (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images) /

Jeopardy! champion Maureen O’Neil put her four-day winning streak on the line Friday night. Here’s how everything played out on tonight’s episode.

O’Neil, an executive assistant from Rye Beach, New Hampshire, has been dominating Jeopardy! all week. Thanks to her aggressive “Final Jeopardy!” wages, she’s managed to defeat all challengers on the way to winning $58,200.

On Friday’s episode, she faced off against Matt Glassman, a bar owner from Los Angeles, California, and Laura Dera, a hotel assistant manager from Studio City, California.

Who won Jeopardy! tonight?

It was Matt Glassman who jumped out to the early lead on Friday’s episode. After the “Jeopardy!” round, he totaled $3,400. In second was Laura Dera with $3,200 followed by the champion Maureen O’Neil in third with $3,000.

Unfortunately, things only got worse for O’Neil. She finished “Double Jeopardy!” with -$2,600 and could not participate in the final round. It was a close game between Dera ($7,400) and Glassman ($6,900).

“Final Jeopardy!” saw Dera answer incorrectly and risk it all. Meanwhile, Glassman managed to come up with the correct response and become the new Jeopardy! champion.

What was tonight’s Final Jeopardy! question?

Dera showed a lot of confidence with her “Final Jeopardy!” wager, but couldn’t deliver. Here’s the clue in the category “Symbols”:

This U.S. politician asked for a multicolored pennant for a parade; demand increased after his death in 1978

“Jeopardy!” set (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images) /

Answer: Who is Harvey Milk?

Matt Glassman correctly came up with Harvey Milk. On the other side, Laura Dera incorrectly guessed “Who is Truman?”.

Who won Jeopardy! tonight, March 11?

To recap, here’s how things played out on Jeopardy! for Friday, March 11, 2022:

1. Matt Glassman: $8,900
2. Laura Dera: $0
3. Maureen O’Neil: -$2,600

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