Who’s hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, March 5?

Saturday Night Live (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
Saturday Night Live (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

Saturday Night Live returns tonight with another brand new episode. And once again, it will be a first-time host taking the stage on SNL.

Last week, John Mulaney became just the second returning host through 13 episodes of Saturday Night Live season 47. Only Paul Rudd came to the show with prior hosting experience.

Now, SNL gets back on the trend of rookie hosts. Actor Oscar Isaac is tonight’s host. He’ll be joined by musical guest Charli XCX.

Isaac also becomes the latest Marvel actor to host Saturday Night Live. Starting March 30, he stars as the titular Moon Knight in a new Disney+ series.

Fans may recall that Charli XCX was originally scheduled to serve as the musical guest alongside Paul Rudd back on December 18. However, the rise of the omicron variant in New York City limited the episode’s production. Tonight, she’ll perform songs from her upcoming album Crash.

What to expect from Oscar Isaac on Saturday Night Live

Oscar Isaac is well-known for his dramatic roles in films such as DriveAnnihilation, and Dune. He’s also been part of the X-Men and Star Wars franchises ahead of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this month.

Still, Isaac does have some black comedies on his resume, including Suburbicon and Inside Lleywn Davis. While those types of comedies don’t necessarily translate to Saturday Night Live success, it all goes to say don’t expect Isaac to be completely lost on the SNL stage.

The current SNL cast and crew have become very familiar with how to handle first-time hosts and hosts not necessarily associated with comedy. If they could pull off an episode with Kim Kardashian, then they should have no problem with the charismatic Oscar Isaac.

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