SNL cold open reimagines Ted Cruz vs Big Bird

Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo by Jabin Botsford - Pool/Getty Images)
Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo by Jabin Botsford - Pool/Getty Images) /

Senator Ted Cruz vs. Big Bird of Sesame Street is the latest battle in the seemingly endless culture war raging at the moment. Of course, Saturday Night Live couldn’t resist the opportunity to comment on the matchup, spoofing it during the cold open. Here’s how SNL reimagined the “feud.”

For those unfamiliar, Senator Cruz took issue with Big Bird endorsing the COVID-19 vaccine. After the fictional character tweeted that he received the vaccine, Ted Cruz couldn’t help but offer a response.

The controversial Republican from Texas sent out a tweet of his own. Cruz compared Big Bird’s vaccination to propaganda for five-year-olds. As is typical when the senator attempts to score political points, he was soundly criticized for attacking Big Bird and further politicizing the situation.

It made for easy material at Saturday Night Live. Aidy Bryant reprised her role as Senator Cruz for a cold open that also featured an appearance by Joe Rogan (Pete Davidson) and Marjorie Taylor Green (Cecily Strong).

Ted Cruz Sesame Street cold open is one of SNL season 47’s most popular sketches

We’ve known for a while now that late-night television loves to mock Senator Ted Cruz. While nothing will ever reach the levels of Cruz vs. Jimmy Kimmel in one-on-one basketball, plenty of other shows have taken their shots at Cruz.

The Late Show with Stephen ColbertLate Night with Seth Meyers, and others all pile on Cruz when the opportunity presents itself. Saturday Night Live is no different, enlisting Aidy Bryant to portray the much-maligned senator.

And the public has responded. The cold open from the Jonathan Majors/Taylor Swift SNL episode is already among the show’s most-watched clips from season 47.

Only the Facebook hearings spoof from the Kim Kardashian West episode has more YouTube views when it comes to cold open. Late-night fans may enjoy laughing at Ted Cruz just as much as the shows do.

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