Bill Maher blasts #VanLife and the culture of Instagram influencers

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Bill Maher ripped an entire generation during the latest episode of Real Time. The late-night host dismissed “#VanLife,” social media influencers, and more in one of his angrier segments of the season.

#VanLife has entered the national discourse after the death of Gabby Petito and the search for her fiance, Brian Laundrie. The two traveled the country together in a van, documenting it for social media.

Maher had harsh words for Laundrie during his “New Rule” segment. However, most of his monologue was directed at Gen Z and the rapid rise of social media celebrity culture and influencers.

The comedian blasted an entire generation for apparently avoiding real jobs in favor of becoming content creators. Maher appeared equally confused and angry as he analyzed the population’s work ethic and values.

Bill Maher wants Gen Z and millennials to take real jobs, not be content creators

Traveling the country in a van and taking home movies sounds like the life of a retiree, not a 20-something to Bill Maher. He reminder young people that you usually have to work for decades before earning the right to “f— off” and do nothing.

“Do nothing” is how Maher sees Gen Z’s goals. He rips the generation for wanting to be famous or getting paid to just be themselves. It makes Maher wonder what happened to people earning a living based on talent or skill.

Maher goes on to highlight the number of job openings around the country. However, these don’t seem to be the type of jobs young people want. The Real Time host doesn’t understand that either, lamenting that everyone once had to work terrible jobs and live in crappy apartments as they built up a career and better life.

It’s a model that isn’t sustainable, says Maher. There aren’t enough interesting people nor is the “content” all that entertaining. The late-night host admits that he can’t wrap his head around the level of “narcissism” that goes into documenting one’s life for a living.

And no Bill Maher attack on young people would be complete without mention of cancel culture. Maher wraps up the “New Rule” segment by asking why a generation seemingly so opposed to working also constantly wants to get people fired.

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