Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight, September 5?

Late-night TV options have been limited this summer. With the calendar flipped to September, fans are hoping things change. Will it start with a brand new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Sunday?

The pandemic, the Olympics, summer vacations, and more have contributed to many repeats airing across the late-night TV board. Over on HBO, John Oliver and company have been pretty consistent in terms of delivering new episodes and announcing breaks ahead of time.

So fans shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that tonight features a repeat showing. There will not be a new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver tonight. With tomorrow’s Labor Day holiday, the show is taking a long weekend just like much of the country.

Instead, HBO will rerun the Aug. 8 episode. The main story examined the opioid epidemic and the specific role of the Sackler family.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season 8’s most-watched segments

A repeat episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver means a lot of fans will be thrown off their typical routine. But for die-hard fans, there remains plenty worth revisiting.

HBO Max subscribers have access to a ton of Last Week Tonight content. Other viewers can always check out Last Week Tonight‘s YouTube channel for web exclusives and main story segments.

Speaking of main stories, tonight’s repeat episode gives us a good excuse to look back at Oliver’s three most-watched segments of season 8 so far. These are based on YouTube views, so we have to figure millions more watched live or on HBO Max. If you need a dose of Oliver’s humor tonight, you can’t go wrong with these segments:

What has been your favorite story from this season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.