Bill Maher: Afghanistan shows Americans what real oppression looks like

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Bill Maher railed against blind hatred of the United States by its own citizens during last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher. The late-night TV host pointed to the crisis in Afghanistan as proof that things aren’t so bad here in the U.S.

Efforts to help Americans and refugees evacuate Afghanistan continue amid the Taliban takeover and terrorist attacks. According to President Joe Biden’s administration, over 110,000 people have been moved out of Afghanistan.

The debacle in Afghanistan has been added to the long list that many Americans use to criticize their country. But most of it is terribly misguided, according to Bill Maher.

Maher’s “New Rule” segment suggested that blind hatred of America is just as bad as blind loyalty. The Real Time host says that the stories of Afghan refugees and countless other immigrants prove that the U.S. isn’t nearly as bad as people say.

Bill Maher argues that Americans don’t know what real oppression looks like

Bill Maher mocking cancel culture and “woke” liberals is nothing new. He’s been doing it almost weekly for the past few years. This came after a decade of ripping conservatives for their over-the-top patriotism.

Maher attempted to deliver a wake-up call to both sides on Friday night. Acknowledging America’s flaws is important, but so too is having a realistic perspective on what oppression looks like.

The comedian cited beheadings, torture, arranged marriages, wife beatings, and more to point out what is happening in other countries. Afghanistan, North Korea, Honduras, China, and other countries are mentioned as having obscene conditions for women and children.

Comparing these situations to the complaints he hears in America, Maher can’t help but lash out. He rips “woke ideology” that labels the U.S. irredeemable for its racist, sexist, and homophobic conditions.

Whether either side learns a lesson from Afghanistan remains to be seen. But Bill Maher continues to try educating people on his point of view.

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