Stephen Colbert mocks anti-vaxxers in San Diego

Anti-vaccination protesters California (Photo by Barbara Davidson/Getty Images )
Anti-vaccination protesters California (Photo by Barbara Davidson/Getty Images ) /

The San Diego Board of Supervisors has become must-see TV thanks to the loud and proud population of anti-vaxxers. Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert’s monologue highlighted some of the latest characters.

Protests against mask mandates and vaccines have been ongoing since the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Mixed messages from health officials, dismissals from politicians, and the spread of conspiracy theories only made things worse.

But as we wind down a summer that saw the delta variant’s rise, we’ve seen the number of anti-vaxxer outbursts increase. People desperate to return to normal life are also dead set on not following the best practices to do so.

As always, Stephen Colbert tried to find the humor in all of this. The Late Show host is something of an expert when it comes to mocking those detached from reality. He had plenty of material to pick from after the latest San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting.

Stephen Colbert profiles the silly and the scary in San Diego

Stephen Colbert didn’t mince words when describing the anti-vaccine crowd in San Diego. Colbert called them “maniacs” as each character became more absurd than the last.

Things started innocently enough as Colbert highlighted a man comparing the San Diego Board of Supervisors to redcoats. His reasoning? Saturn is in the same place now as it was in 1776.

Colbert then turned his attention to the “The Anti-Vaxlorette,” a woman very excited to see more men joining the movement. She was followed by a woman’s “off-the-cuff” performance of a song that she had clearly written beforehand.

But Colbert stopped laughing when one man brought with him the winds of change. His outburst had Colbert hiding behind the cameras and worried about the future of California and the entire country.

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