Bill Maher: America’s drinking problem needs to be fixed

Bartender pours a beer
Bartender pours a beer /

America has a drinking problem, made worse by the coronavirus pandemic. That’s Bill Maher’s assessment of the situation as the Real Time host called for a nationwide intervention.

Throughout the pandemic, Maher looked at the health and lifestyle-related causes. From obesity to factory farming, the late night host argued that a lot had to change in order to recover from COVID-19 and prevent another pandemic.

This week’s “New Rule” segment explored America’s drinking habits during the pandemic. Maher pointed out the prevalence of alcohol delivery services as well as trends in Americans drinking alone and during the day.

Now that the country is largely coming out of the pandemic, some Americans are struggling to adjust. According to Maher, the availability of alcohol everywhere from the supermarket to the zoo isn’t helping. And while the pandemic didn’t help, it wasn’t the cause. Maher explained his theory on the root of the country’s drinking problem.

Bill Maher says anxiety is the cause of America’s drinking problem

Bill Maher is by no means calling for a new era of prohibition. The Real Time host admits that he is among those who had drinks delivered to his home during the pandemic. Maher also says that alcohol has helped him through stressful situations.

Addressing the cause of that stress, not the alcohol itself, is the key for Maher. He cites anxiety levels as the reason many people turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. It’s also another opportunity for Maher to criticize social media and its negative impact on our collective psyche.

It’s not a problem that can be solved quickly or easily. In the meantime, Maher advocates for getting alcohol out of places like zoos, movie theaters, and retail stores. Less availability means the less likely people are to turn to booze to help them through a social situation.

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