Stephen Colbert: Biden’s meeting with Putin less embarrassing than Trump’s

U.S. President Joe Biden (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo by Peter Klaunzer - Pool/Keystone via Getty Images)
U.S. President Joe Biden (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo by Peter Klaunzer - Pool/Keystone via Getty Images) /

President Joe Biden met face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Nothing major came from the encounter, but that’s a good thing according to Stephen Colbert.

Biden and Putin met for a little over two hours in Geneva, Switzerland. According to the U.S. president, he raised issues related to human rights and cyberattacks during the summit.

Outsiders were curious about how the meeting would go and what the dynamic between Biden and Putin would be like. Previously, President Biden didn’t hold back in criticizing President Putin or his tactics.

In the end, it was a relatively quiet encounter. It was also one without national embarrassment, says Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host couldn’t help but compare Biden to his predecessor after President Donald Trump’s infamous “bootlicking” performance in Helsinki.

Stephen Colbert happy to see U.S.-Russian relations back to normal

Stephen Colbert sounded a little fuzzy on the details when it came to what President Biden and President Putin discussed. The Late Show host knew it had something to do with ambassadors, or nuclear negotiations, or the Arctic. But that was the point; there was no cloud of collusion hanging over the two leaders or concern about Biden’s priorities.

Colbert didn’t waste the opportunity to take another shot at former President Donald Trump. He summed it up like this:

"Basically, the only thing that was exciting about it is that this time it was not the most demoralizing, nauseating, international bootlicking anyone has ever seen."

President Trump’s history of praising President Putin also made it easier for Colbert to forgive President Biden’s gaffe. When Biden seemingly mixed up Trump and Putin, Colbert admitted that it was difficult to tell the two apart sometimes.

All in all, Colbert sounded happy that U.S.-Russian relations aren’t what they were under the Trump administration. Nothing may be solved but at least Colbert doesn’t have to worry about any embarrassing meetings.

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