Dave Chappelle crashes Michael Che’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Dave Chappelle (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)
Dave Chappelle (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images) /

Michael Che’s first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was a memorable one. The Saturday Night Live writer and performer’s interview was hijacked by Dave Chappelle, resulting in one of late night TV’s best segments in recent memory.

Che recently wrapped up season 46 of SNL, closing out “Weekend Update” with another hilarious

round of joke swaps with Colin Jost. His attention has since turned to promoting his new HBO Max sketch show That Damn Michael Che.

His press tour finally brought him to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night. Late night TV fans likely recognized Che’s surrounding as he checked in from Dave Chappelle’s house. It’s the same location Chappelle spoke from during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his podcast “The Midnight Miracle.”

So with Che in town to perform and with the chance to promote his podcast on another show, Chappelle couldn’t resist crashing Che’s interview. Watch the clip below as the legendary comic pops in and out of the shot as Jimmy Kimmel chats with Che:

Dave Chappelle and Michael Che give Jimmy Kimmel his favorite moment of the year

If you follow Michael Che on Instagram, then you probably saw him share photos from a private jet. So fans figured something special was going on. As it turns out, Che arrived in Ohio to perform in another comedy show organized by Dave Chappelle.

Thousands of miles away, Jimmy Kimmel still got the benefit of seeing Chappelle and Che together. The interview showcased how Chappelle can be so funny while making it appear effortless.

In between Chappelle’s pop-ins, Che was able to dub the comedian’s house “Camp David” and also provide some great lines about the “Fried Chicken Hotel” he’s staying at in Ohio. The interview was enough to make everyone watching jealous that they wouldn’t be in an Ohio cornfield that night.

Kimmel sits at the top of that list. The late night host clearly enjoyed the Chappelle-Che combination, going so far as to call it the most fun he’s had all year. Hopefully, it’s not long before Kimmel makes his way to “Camp David.”

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That Damn Michael Che is available now on HBO Max. “The Midnight Miracle” is available to stream on Luminary.