It’s Black Widow week on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Black Widow (Marvel Studios 2020. All Rights Reserved.)
Black Widow (Marvel Studios 2020. All Rights Reserved.) /

Black Widow arrives in theaters next month after a 14-month delay. Stars from the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will promote the film all week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The Scarlett Johansson-led superhero movie was originally scheduled to release on May 1, 2020. Instead, it became one of several blockbusters put on the shelf during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But on July 9, fans will finally see Natasha Romanoff in her own solo film. It may well be the final time this iteration of the character appears on the big screen.

As if the hype surrounding Black Widow wasn’t high enough, stars from the film will stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live! all week to promote the MCU movie. Expect a lot of discussions about the film’s release along with some exclusive sneak peeks. Here’s a rundown of which Black Widow cast members will talk to Jimmy Kimmel this week.

Black Widow cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live: David Harbour

Black Widow
Alexei (David Harbour)  (©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.) /

Things get started on Tuesday, June 1. Actor David Harbour will kick things off as he returns to Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

In Black Widow, Harbour plays Alexi Shostakov (AKA the Red Guardian). His character is Russia’s answer to Captain America and he has a history with Natasha Romanoff. Harbour is expected to bring some humor to the film. Given his talent for such performances and the MCU’s track record, there’s a good chance his Russian Captain America will be a fan-favorite.

Speaking of Russia, fans also may get some Stranger Things hints out of Harbour. Season four doesn’t have a release date yet but a couple of teasers have been released.

Black Widow cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Rachel Weisz

Black Widow
Melina (Rachel Weisz) (Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.) /

Next up will be Rachel Weisz. The Academy Award-winning actress joins Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, June 2.

Weisz plays Melina Vostokoff, a scientist and trained Black Widow spy. Along with Habour’s character, she serves as a parental figure to Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha.

Not much else is known about her character. But Marvel Comics’ fans know that Vostokoff is the name of the assassin Iron Maiden.

While known for her dramatic work in films such as The Constant Gardener and The Favourite, Weisz is no stranger to action or spy movies. Her past credits also include The Bourne Legacy and two Mummy films.

Black Widow cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Florence Pugh

Black Widow
(L-R): Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Yelena (Florence Pugh) (Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.) /

Black Widow week on Jimmy Kimmel Live! concludes with Florence Pugh. The actress stops by on Friday, June 4.

Pugh will play a major part in the film, portraying Yelena Belova. She is another Black Widow, trained in the infamous Red Room. Fans anticipate that Pugh will fill the void left by Johansson in the MCU and continue the Black Widow storyline.

By all accounts, Marvel’s impressive track record when it comes to casting continued with Pugh. It means that this may be Pugh’s first MCU interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but it likely won’t be her last.

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This week probably won’t be the last mention of Black Widow on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Star Scarlett Johansson will undoubtedly make the rounds closer to the July 9 release date.