Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel react to Trump under criminal investigation

Trump Tower in Manhattan New York (Photo by Epics/Getty Images)
Trump Tower in Manhattan New York (Photo by Epics/Getty Images) /

The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James says it is investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity. Late night TV hosts across the board, including Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, reacted to the troubling news for former President Donald Trump.

We’ve known for a while that James’ office was looking into the Trump Organization’s financial records. It stemmed from testimony delivered by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and his personal fixer.

Things ramped up to a new level when it was announced that the New York Attorney General’s investigation had shifted from “civil” to “criminal.” The state attorney general is also partnering with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., signaling just how serious things have become.

Any bad news for Donald Trump gets the attention of late night TV. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel led the way

Stephen Colbert can’t find the details he wants on the Trump investigation

It’s no surprise that cable news picked up the story and ran with it when we learned that the investigation had turned criminal. The problem was that no real information was provided beyond that.

Stephen Colbert summed it up nicely on The Late Show. Nobody in late night TV would be happier to see Donald Trump be held accountable than Colbert. He just isn’t sure if he should get his hopes up or not:

The Mueller Investigation and two impeachment trials didn’t give Colbert much hope that Donald Trump will ever face justice. But without the protection of the White House, Trump may be in more trouble than he’s used to in New York.

Jimmy Kimmel wonders if Trump’s run of doing whatever he wants is over

For Jimmy Kimmel, this investigation was a long time coming. The late night TV host isn’t surprised to hear that the man who ran a fraudulent charity and a fraudulent university is under investigation for bank fraud and tax fraud.

Donald Trump may be the one who is actually shocked by the news. As Kimmel highlighted in his monologue, the former president is used to doing whatever he wants. That kind of freedom may be over, however.

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