Stephen Colbert calls Kevin McCarthy weak for Trump loyalty

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert returned on Monday and wasted no time going after the Republican Party. Stephen Colbert slammed the party and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for the continued loyalty to former President Donald Trump.

Colbert jumped into the topic through the lens of attacks on Representative Liz Cheney from her own party. The House Republican Conference chair has been targeted since she voted in favor of impeaching President Trump during his second impeachment trial.

McCarthy is among those who have been publicly and privately critical of Cheney. The House Minority Leader remains loyal to Donald Trump despite new polls indicating declining favorability for the former president.

Colbert couldn’t wrap his head around why McCarthy and the GOP continue to hitch their wagon to Trump. The Late Show host could only conclude that McCarthy is the weakest person to ever serve in government.

Stephen Colbert calls Kevin McCarthy weak

When Donald Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden, there were questions about how the Republican Party would move forward. Optimists thought it would be a chance to reset from the Trump era. Instead, loyalists to Donald Trump and his way of politics remain just as influential within the party.

It’s something Colbert can’t quite understand, especially when it comes to Kevin McCarthy. The comedian reminds the California representative that McCarthy was almost killed by a mob storming the Capitol, asked Trump for help, was denied that help, and held Trump responsible. Still, McCarthy is willing to cast aside Liz Cheney in order to appease Trump and his base.

Stephen Colbert mocks the Republican Party for its fear of Donald Trump

According to new polls, Donald Trump’s base looks to be dwindling. He has lost support in key battleground districts among Republican voters. So while politicians remain loyal to the former president, some voters are choosing the party over the man.

It is a truth that the GOP apparently does not want to face. Colbert reports that the data was withheld during a recent retreat. The Late Show host says Republicans may be shooting themselves in the foot and burying their head in the sand at the same time. A great example came from Arizona.

Rather than accept reality, Republican officials in Arizona ordered a third audit of the 2020 presidential election. This one will be run by Cyber Ninjas, a company with no election audit experience run by a known conspiracy theorist.

Colbert sees this story as evidence that there is no hope for the Republican Party to turn things around. Whatever happens to the GOP, it will be because of its loyalty to Donald Trump.

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