Who’s hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, May 8?

Saturday Night Live (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
Saturday Night Live (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

Saturday Night Live is back tonight with a brand new episode. And in a season full of interesting host choices, tonight features the most interesting selection.

So far in season 46, fans have been pleasantly surprised to see names like Bill Burr, Issa Rae, Adele, Dan Levy, and Regina King take the stage at Studio 8H. Some choices have been unexpected but by and large, fans have been welcoming of everyone who joins SNL for the night.

Things could be a little different tonight. Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk will host Saturday Night Live. Check out our episode preview right here.

SNL faced backlash following the announcement that Musk would host. Cast members and writers also voiced displeasure. It stems from Musk’s controversial business practices, comments on the pandemic, and other reasons.

On the flip side, there is no denying Musk’s popularity or his impact on technology, economics, and more. He has a strong fanbase behind him and many of those fans are expected to tune in to Saturday Night Live tonight in support.

How will Elon Musk do on Saturday Night Live?

Once Elon Musk hits the stage for his monologue, all the “controversy” won’t matter. It will be up to Musk and the SNL cast to put on a great show. There are only three episodes left in season 46 so the hope is that everyone is focused on finishing strong.

Outside of any problems the public may have with Musk as a businessman, there are questions about how he is as a performer. SNL is used to bringing in non-performers, such as athletes and politicians, and making them look good.

A promo released during the week wasn’t all that encouraging, however. Alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus and cast member Cecily Strong, Elon Musk didn’t look too comfortable reading his lines.

Musk is facing an uphill battle considering how many people have already dismissed him as an unworthy host. But Saturday Night Live deserves credit for trying something different and Musk deserves the chance to surprise everyone watching at home.

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