Stephen Colbert hits back against Tucker Carlson’s mask rant

Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) /

Once again, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has found himself making news rather than commentating on it. Carlson’s latest rant against wearing masks during the pandemic prompted a response from Stephen Colbert.

Late night television hosts have a long history of picking on Tucker Carlson, dating back to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Carlson’s increased prominence and his influence over his viewers during the Trump administration made him a frequent topic in monologues from Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and others.

Carlson has been leading the charge in a culture war against masks and social distancing that began at the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Hosts like Colbert and Meyers have called him out for fearmongering and misleading his audience.

So when Carlson delivered a monologue calling on his viewers to confront people who do wear masks and compared requiring children to wear them to child abuse, Colbert had to respond again. Check out The Late Show‘s monologue below to hear Colbert’s reaction:

Stephen Colbert says Tucker Carlson isn’t helping to end the pandemic

It doesn’t’ take much for Stephen Colbert to deconstruct Tucker Carlson’s argument on masks. Carlson’s claims that masks isolate people and cut off intimacy are irrelevant to Colbert, who wonders how much intimacy Carlson was looking for from strangers in public.

But when Carlson brings kids into the discussion, Colbert turns up the heat. The Late Show calls out the hypocrisy of Carlson claiming to help kids by calling the authorities to take them away from parents just for wearing a mask.

Carlson’s segment was a call to action, urging his viewers to confront people wearing masks or who have children wearing masks. Colbert doesn’t see that ending well for the Fox News host, suggesting Carlson may get some of that close contact he wants if he tries to tell people what to do with their kids.

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