Stephen Colbert on Trump’s tax returns in new Lock Him Up segment

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ( Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ( Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.) /

Now that “Don and the Giant Impeach: Go Fast We’re Furious” is over, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was in need of a new segment. Enter “Lock Him Up.”

Stephen Colbert spent weeks covering former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial following the assault at the Capitol. The Late Show host never expected a conviction but that didn’t stop him from calling for accountability and from labeling Republicans “cowards” for avoiding the hard truths about the incident.

The Late Show was off when former President Trump was acquitted so fans never heard Colbert’s reaction to the verdict. Last night on the show, Colbert joked that he would share his thoughts on Trump’s third impeachment.

Instead, Colbert introduced “Lock Him Up.” The new segment examines Donald Trump’s post-presidency legal troubles. First up was the Supreme Court ruling that New York state could access Trump’s tax returns.

Stephen Colbert hopes that “Lock Him Up” becomes a frequent segment on The Late Show and he may get his wish considering how many lawsuits and legal fights Donald Trump is tangled up in right now.

The former president’s tax returns were one of the biggest issues during his 2016 campaign and throughout his four years in office. Colbert joined other late night hosts by asking questions about Trump’s taxes and wondering what he may be hiding in his financial records.

Now thanks to the Supreme Court, at least someone will be able to review the records. Colbert will finally learn what the big secret was all about if Donald Trump faces any criminal charges.

Stephen Colbert lets himself imagine the Trump family going to prison

Stephen Colbert knew that Republicans in the Senate wouldn’t hold former President Trump accountable for anything he did in office. But the Late Show host seems to be getting his hopes up that severe punishment is on the horizon for the Trump family’s business dealings.

Colbert doesn’t hesitate to say that Trump is a felon and should be sent to prison, making an “Orange Is the New Orange” crack in the process. The monologue then focuses on reports that Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump could also be implicated. It gives Colbert another chance to break out his original Eric Trump impression one more time.

Stephen Colbert’s “Lock Him Up” segment shows that the comedian isn’t quite done with Donald Trump yet. His presidency may be over and so is his impeachment trial. Yet Colbert is desperate to see some sort of consequences catch up with Donald Trump, preferably one that sees the former president wind up behind bars. Stay tuned for more “Lock Him Up.”

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