Bill Maher welcomes another late night host to Real Time tonight

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Two of late night television’s best will share the spotlight tonight on an all-new Real Time with Bill Maher. Jimmy Kimmel is set to be Bill Maher’s featured guest.

Kimmel and Maher will have plenty to talk about on tonight’s show. Both are trying to figure how to do a late night comedy show in these times, both have been targets of former President Donald Trump, and both have set their comedic sights on Republicans like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Anytime there is a crossover event among late night television hosts, fans get excited. Combinations like Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien have resulted in some memorable moments.

On Real Time, Kimmel will be even more free to speak his mind than when he’s on ABC. Any uncertainty about how he feels about the news should be put to rest tonight.

Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel have a late night connection

Real Time with Bill Maher is currently at the start of season 19 on HBO. Maher jumped headfirst into the discussion surrounding the Capitol insurrection and former President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently celebrated its 18th year on ABC. The show has become increasingly political in the past five years and it has paid off.

It was actually Jimmy Kimmel whom ABC tapped to fill the late night slot left behind when Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect was canceled.

Kimmel has made one previous appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. It came in April of 2003, just a few months after Jimmy Kimmel Live! premiered on ABC.

It all worked out for both comedians as Maher has thrived on HBO and Kimmel currently sits in second place behind The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the late night ratings. Now the two are back together for what should be an entertaining conversation.

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Real Time with Bill Maher airs tonight at 10:00 P.M. The other guests are journalist and author Charlotte Alter and author, pundit, and podcast host Matt Welch. You can watch on HBO or on HBO Max. Be sure to check back with Last Night On for all the highlights.