Jimmy Kimmel roasts Capitol mob for incriminating social media posts

Protesters on grounds of the Capitol Building on January 6 (Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images)
Protesters on grounds of the Capitol Building on January 6 (Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images) /

It has been three weeks since a mob attacked the Capitol in what was one of the most shocking days in U.S. history. The FBI continues to investigate, arrest, and charge individuals who participated in the riot. As Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue last night explained, that work is made a little easier thanks to social media…and the criminals themselves.

Kimmel was among the late night TV hosts who expressed outrage and sadness while condemning the deadly Capitol attack in the immediate aftermath. The genre has continued to cover the story including the subsequent arrests and the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

It’s not an easy story to find humor in but Kimmel has managed to do that with some help from the mob itself. While legitimate concerns have been raised about how well organized some rioters were, many others weren’t exactly criminal masterminds or put much thought into avoiding punishment.

The footage from the Capitol showed hundreds of people in the mob holding out phones and cameras. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel was very amused to see how that has come back to bite the would-be revolutionaries:

Jimmy Kimmel can’t get enough of Trump supporters incriminating themselves

The FBI has been asking the public for help in identifying individuals at the riot. As Kimmel explained, the job is a lot easier when the incriminating evidence is uploaded to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and everyone else by those who committed the crimes. Kimmel compares it to “the burglar signing the guest book” before his getaway.

Kimmel coins the term “selfie-incrimination” as he roasts a Texas man who posted a video of himself inside the Capitol and jokingly commented that he wanted to incriminate himself. The joke wasn’t quite as funny when the FBI used the Facebook post to arrest him.

Even those protestors “smart” enough not to post things on social media found themselves arrested. Kimmel is visibly amused as he reports how Ring doorbell cameras and dating apps have also been used to capture confessions from Capitol mob members.

Jimmy Kimmel has spent 18 years on television making fun of people for saying and doing dumb stuff. Whether it is falling for pranks, having no idea how to use a map, or lying about the news, Kimmel has made roasting these people a staple of his late night show. But none of that seemed quite as entertaining as watching the criminals behind an insurrection face justice because they couldn’t resist social media.

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