Bernie Sanders says his mittens are the real star of his meme

Senator Bernie Sanders (Photo by Saul Loeb - Pool/Getty Images)
Senator Bernie Sanders (Photo by Saul Loeb - Pool/Getty Images) /

Senator Bernie Sanders shared his reaction to becoming a viral sensation with Seth Meyers

Inauguration Day was the culmination of President Joe Biden’s decades-long political career. Yet in many ways, he was overshadowed by Senator Bernie Sanders who became a viral sensation and meme almost instantly.

It has been impossible to avoid the memes of Sen. Sanders sitting, arms crossed, showing off a decorative pair of mittens. The image has been put everywhere from famous works of art and historical moments and from Star Wars scenes to Saturday Night Live sketches.

Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Sen. Sanders was a guest to discuss President Biden’s inauguration and what the future could look like for the country now that a sense of normalcy has been put in place.

But Meyers couldn’t let the interview go without asking Sen. Sanders to react to his latest moment of internet fame. Unsurprisingly, the Senator from Vermont deflected the attention from himself and instead plugged his state’s mitten makers:

Previously, Sen. Sanders said that he was happy about the attention his photograph received. Not because he enjoyed the spotlight, but because it was a showcase for the nice mittens and coats Vermont has to offer.

On Late Night, Sen. Sanders once again referenced the woman who made the mittens for him. She too is overwhelmed by the attention and has turned away requests to make more mittens because of her busy schedule. It’s something that Seth Meyers finds perfectly fitting for a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Meyers was less successful in getting to the bottom of what was in the envelope Sen. Sanders carried at the inauguration. The Senator joked that it was “top secret” and seemed willing to offer a sincere answer but Meyers moved on. That one will remain a Bernie Sanders secret.

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